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13 Mullet Fade Haircuts For Men – The Ultimate Guide [2024 Edition]

    Mullet fade haircut


    the mullet fade haircut has become increasingly popular, thanks to its unique and eye-catching appearance that blends the classic mullet style with a modern, faded look. This stylish haircut has gone viral on social media platforms and among celebrities. So If you’re looking for a bold and unique hairstyle, then “the mullet fade” may be your perfect choice. In this article, we’ll explore what a mullet fade hairstyle is, the different variations, and how to do this cut in just a few easy steps.

    What is a Mullet fade haircut?


    A mullet fade haircut is a hairstyle that combines the classic mullet (short on the sides and front, long in the back) with a faded or tapered look on the sides and back. the mullet fade marries two distinct haircut elements. The “mullet” component means letting the hair grow longer and free-flowing in the back. The “fade” involves gradually shortening the hair down the sides and blending it into the top.

    mullet fade haircut for men

    Is a Burst Fade a Mullet?

    No, a burst fade is not the same as a mullet. A mullet has much longer hair in the back compared to the short front and sides. A burst fade has hair that gradually gets longer from the sides up to the top in an even, circular pattern – there is no distinct long section just in the back like a mullet requires.

    Burst fade haircut

    Different Variations of The Fade Mullet Haircut:

    The fade mullet hairstyle provides various styles that can be customized to fit your personal preferences. Some popular variations include:

    1. Classic Mullet Fade: This style maintains the traditional mullet shape with much longer hair in the back and shorter, faded sides and front. It’s the iconic mullet look combined with a modern fade.
    Classic Mullet Fade

    2. Curly Mullet Fade: Perfect for those with naturally curly or wavy hair textures. This variation embraces the curls and allows them to flow freely down the back while faded on the sides.

    Curly Mullet Fade

    3. Asymmetrical Mullet Fade: For a more edgy, daring look, try an asymmetrical mullet fade with longer hair on one side of the back and shorter on the other side.

    Asymmetrical Mullet Fade

    4. Mohawk Mullet Fade: This striking style combines a mohawk-inspired center strip of longer hair running from the forehead to the back with faded sides and a flowing mullet in the back.

     Mohawk Mullet Fade

    5. Vintage Mullet Fade: A retro twist on the mullet inspired by 70s and 80s styles. It has a slightly shorter, choppier mullet length in the back with faded sides.

    Vintage Mullet Fade

    6. Modern Mullet Fade: An updated take with a longer, straightened mullet in the back paired with tight, high faded sides for a clean, contemporary look.

     Modern Mullet Fade

    7. Taper Fade Mullet: This style features a low taper fade on the sides for a subtle gradation into the mullet lengths.

    Taper Fade Mullet

    8. Taper Short Mullet Fade: A cropped, shorter version of the mullet faded paired with low tapered sides.

    Taper Short Mullet Fade

    9. Short Mullet Fade: For a lower-maintenance variation, keep both the mullet faded lengths and fade short and tidy.

    Short Mullet Fade

    10. Low Fade Mullet: A low, longer fade allows for just a touch of gradation before hitting the mullet lengths.

    Low Fade Mullet

    11. Burst Fade Mullet: Create a seamless look by blending a burst fade into flowing mullet hair in the back.

    Burst Fade Mullet

    12. High-Fade Mullet: For maximum distinction, a high skin fade creates a striking separation between the longer mullet hair and shaved sides.

    High-Fade Mullet

    13. Mid-Fade Mullet: A mid-level fade offers a smoother transition from the longer mullet hair to shorter sides.

    Mid-Fade Mullet

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    How to Get The Perfect Mullet Fade?

    Ready to rock the mullet fade look yourself? Learn how to achieve the mullet fade haircut with our easy 5-step guide below!

    Step 1: Consult with Your Barber

    • Have reference photos ready to show the specific mullet fade look you want.
    • Discuss your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle to customize the cut.
    • Make sure you’re both aligned on the desired length in the back versus the fade.

    Step 2: Getting the Mullet Length Right

    • How to determine and instruct the optimal back length for your preferences.
    • Techniques your barber may use to layer, thin, or texture the mullet portion.
    • Deciding between a straight or curved mullet shape in the back.

    Step 3: Fading the Sides and Top

    • What “fade” length do you want – skin, low, medium, high fade etc.
    • Have your barber establish the fade guideline and blur the lines.
    • Cross-checking the fade intensity and height matches your goal.

    Step 4: Refining and Detailing

    • Using a trimmer, scissors, and razors to perfect the fade and mullet layers.
    • Blending techniques to avoid harsh lines and establish smooth transitions.
    • Making final adjustments so the front, top, and mullet flow together seamlessly.

    Step 5: Styling and Finishing

    • Recommended products like pomades, waxes, and sprays to achieve your look.
    • Specific brushing/styling methods to train and set the mullet shape.
    • Final heated tool usage like blow drying if desired.

    Here is a complete tutorial about how to cut the mullet fade haircut for men at home:

    Credit: from @Alex Kouras on Youtube.


    • Bring multiple photos to ensure you’re on the same page.
    • Don’t go too short on the mullet length for your first try.
    • Ask your barber for their professional recommendations.

    Inspiration Gallery:

    The following pictures are an inspiration gallery for the mullet fade hairstyle for men:


    The mullet fade haircut is a bold and stylish choice for those who want to embrace their individuality. With its unique combination of classic and modern elements, this hairstyle is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Remember, the key to rocking a mullet fade is confidence and a willingness to experiment with your look. So, why not step out of your comfort zone and try this trendy hairstyle today?

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    FAQ section:

    What face shapes and hair types work best for the fade mullet?

    Generally oval, square, and heart-shaped faces pull off the look nicely. Straighter or wavier hair creates good texture and flow for styling the mullet portion.

    How do I ask my barber to get the mullet fade?

    Bring in several photos showing your ideal mullet length, fade intensity, etc. Clearly communicate your vision and get their input on best achieving that look.

    How to keep my mullet fade looking fresh?

    For a fresh mullet fade, regularly trim, use proper hair products, and keep it clean and conditioned.