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12 French Crop Hairstyles – The Ultimate Guide [2024]

    French crop haircut men


    Guys, are you tired of the same old haircut routine? Looking for a fresh, stylish update that’s also easy to manage? Then look no further than the French crop haircut! This cool, effortlessly stylish look offers a modern twist on a classic cut, making it the perfect choice for guys who want to stay ahead of the trends while maintaining a timeless, masculine vibe. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the French crop hairstyle, including its origins, variations, styling tips, and celebrity inspirations.

    What is a French Crop Haircut?

    A French crop haircut is a men’s hairstyle with very short or faded sides and back, combined with longer, textured, and tousled hair on top styled in a messy, undone fashion.

    Its key features are tight or faded sides, length left on top (usually 3-5 inches), and an overall casual, piecey, bedhead-inspired aesthetic on the top section.

    French crop hairstyle


    The French crop haircut originated from the classic “crop top” haircuts of the 1950s, which had closely cropped sides and longer hair on top. In the late 2000s, French hairstylists updated this vintage look by adding more volume, texture, and an intentionally messy finish to the top section.

    French Crop vs. Caesar Cut:

    While often confused, these short haircuts have key differences. Here’s a breakdown:

    • French Crop: Textured fringe, slightly longer hair on top, modern appeal. Great for most face shapes and hair types. Offers more styling options.
    • Caesar Cut: Uniform blunt fringe, shorter overall length, classic look. Best for oval or square faces, and thicker hair. Less styling flexibility.
    French crop Vs Caesar cut

    Variations of the French Crop Hairstyle:

    The French crop offers numerous variations, allowing for personalization based on individual preferences and hair types. Here are some popular styles:

    1. French Crop Fade:

    French Crop Fade
    Image by @alex.tanase_ on Instagram

    This variation features faded or tapered sides and back, creating a high-contrast look when paired with the longer, textured top hair.

    2. Textured French Crop:

    Textured French Crop
    Image by @alex.tanase_ on Instagram

    The longer hair on top is styled with a tousled, piecey texture for an undone, lived-in finish that epitomizes the French crop’s effortless aesthetic.

    3. Messy French Crop:

    Messy french crop
    Picture from @archie_cranchh on Instagram

    Taking the textured look one step further, the messy French crop leans into a purposefully disheveled, bedhead-inspired style on top.

    4. French Crop Low Fade:

    French Crop Low Fade
    Picture from @lifestyle.98_ on Instagram

    Rather than a high, dramatic fade, this version features a low, subtle fade on the sides for a more toned-down approach.

    5. Fringe French Crop Fade:

    Fringe french crop fade
    Picture from @archie_cranchh on Instagram

    Longer, face-framing pieces are left around the front hairline, adding a touch of rugged, rocker-inspired charm.

    6. French Crop Top:

    French Crop Top
    Image from @czaja_barber_ on Instagram

    A close-cropped take with very short, tightly cropped sides and back for a super clean-cut variation.

    7. Long French Crop:

    Long french crop
    Image from @mickijesersen2000 on Instagram

    For those who prefer a little extra length, this version leaves 4-6 inches of hair on top to play with.

    8. French Crop Curly Hair:

    French crop curly hair

    This French crop cut is specifically tailored and styled to suit curly or wavy hair textures.

    9. French Crop Taper:

    French crop taper
    Image from @modernfreshfades on Instagram

    The sides taper down gradually rather than an abrupt fade for a smoother transition in length.

    10. French Crop Mid Fade:

    French Crop Mid Fade
    Picture from @james___edward on Instagram

    Striking a balance between high and low, the fade starts around the middle of the sides.

    11. French Crop Mullet:

    French Crop Mullet
    Image from @harisbarbershop on Instagram

    An edgy hybrid cut combining a French crop on top with a little extra length left in the back for a modern mullet vibe.

    12. Modern Low Fade French Crop:

    Modern Low Fade French Crop
    Image from @ebenlautang on Instagram

    An ultra-contemporary version featuring a low, skin fade on the sides for maximum high-contrast style.

    What Face Shape Does French Crop Suit?

    The beauty of the French crop lies in its versatility! Here’s how it flatters different face shapes:

    What Face Shape Does French Crop Suit?
    Picture from
    • Round Faces: The short sides and textured fringe visually elongate the face, creating a more balanced look.
    • Oval Faces: Lucky you! Oval faces can effortlessly rock any variation of the French crop.
    • Square Faces: The French crop softens a strong jawline, bringing harmony to your features.

    How to Get the Perfect French Crop Hairstyle (Step-by-Step Guide)

    If you are wondering how to get the French crop haircut men Here is 5 step-by-step guide on how to get the perfect French crop hairstyle:

    1. Find the Right Barber:

    • Seek out an experienced barber who specializes in men’s cutting and styling.
    • Don’t hesitate to ask if they are familiar with cutting French crop styles before booking.

    2. Bring Reference Photos:

    • Gather several photos that showcase the exact French crop variation you want – textured, tight crop, messy, etc.
    • Clear reference images will help your barber understand your desired look.

    3. Specify Your Preferences:

    • Ask for short or faded sides and back, specifying if you prefer a high, low, or mid fade.
    • Communicate that you want length left on top, typically around 3-5 inches.
    • Emphasize that you want a tousled, textured finish on the top hair.

    4. Get a Tutorial:

    • During the cut, have your barber demonstrate how to properly style the top with product.
    • Ask for recommendations on pomades, salt sprays or texture powders to enhance the bedhead effect.

    5. Provide Feedback:

    • Don’t be afraid to ask for adjustments if the length or styling doesn’t quite match your vision initially.
    • Consider a trim every 4-6 weeks to maintain clean lines and the tousled top as your hair grows.

    By following these steps and clearly communicating your desired French crop style, you’ll walk out of the barbershop with a fresh, on-trend look!

    For more hairstyle inspiration, check out our guide on the mullet fade haircut for men and our comprehensive men’s wolf cut hairstyles.

    Here is a complete tutorial about how to cut the French crop haircut for men:

    Credit: from @FreeSalonEducation on Youtube.

    How to Style The French Crop Haircut:

    The French crop’s low-maintenance nature is a huge perk. Here’s how to style it in a flash and achieve that effortlessly cool look:

    Your Styling Arsenal:

    • Hair Dryer: For drying and shaping the fringe.
    • Comb: To define texture and create volume.
    • Styling Product: Choose a hair wax or pomade depending on your desired hold and finish. Wax provides a matte, textured look, while pomade offers a bit more shine and control.

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    1. Fringe Focus: This is the star of the show! Use your hairdryer and comb to blow-dry the fringe forward. You can add a slight lift at the roots for a more textured look.
    2. Product Play: Apply your chosen styling product to your fingertips. For a textured, messy French crop, use a small amount of wax and work it through the fringe, pinching sections to create definition. Want a sleeker, polished look? Apply a touch of pomade and comb the fringe forward smoothly.
    3. Top It Off: The beauty of the French crop is its versatility. Use your fingers or comb to style the top hair depending on your preference:
      • Spiky: Tousle the hair upwards for a textured, spiky look.
      • Textured: Use a comb to create definition and separate strands for a lived-in vibe.
      • Swept-Back: For a sleek, sophisticated look, use a comb to sweep the hair back slightly.

    Pro Tip: Experiment! The amount of product and styling technique will impact the final look. Play around with different combinations to find your perfect French crop style.

    Celebrity Inspiration: French Crop Men Icons

    The French crop haircut has graced the heads of many celebrities, both past and present. Here are a few icons who have rocked this stylish and versatile cut:

    Timothée Chalamet: Known for his effortlessly stylish take on the French crop. His textured fringe and slightly longer top hair create a modern and cool look.

    Timothée chalamet french crop
    Picture from @timothée chalamet movie

    Brad Pitt: A long-time fan of the French crop, he’s sported variations throughout his career. From a classic short style to a textured, messy version, he proves the French crop’s adaptability.

    Brad Pitt french crop
    Image from @pinterest

    Cillian Murphy (Tommy Shelby): The iconic character of Tommy Shelby from “Peaky Blinders” has brought the French crop back into the mainstream spotlight. Murphy’s portrayal features a classic French crop with a blunt fringe and short sides, showcasing the haircut’s timeless appeal.

    ciloan Murphy french crop
    Image from @pinterest


    The French crop haircut is back with a vengeance. It’s stylish, versatile (flatters most face shapes and hair types), and requires minimal effort. Whether you go classic, textured, or faded, the French crop lets you showcase your personality.

    Ditch the haircut rut and embrace the French crop! With a few tips and a visit to your barber, you’ll be rocking this cool look in no time. Remember, confidence is the best accessory, and the French crop can help you project it with timeless style.

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    How do I ask my barber for a French crop?

    To ask for a French crop, tell your barber you’d like the sides and back short with a longer top and slight fringe. Bring a reference photo to ensure clarity.

    Is Edgar a French crop?

    The Edgar cut is similar to a French crop but has a more pronounced disconnection between the top and sides, with a longer, textured fringe.

    Is a French crop suitable for a big forehead?

    Yes, a French crop is ideal for a big forehead or receding hairline. The short fringe minimizes the forehead’s appearance, and the short sides and back create balance.

    How long should a French crop be?

    A French crop typically has a 1-3 inch top with a short fringe, and shorter sides and back ranging from a skin fade to a #1-4 clipper cut.