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Men’s athleisure: Style Guide, Brands, Inspo. [2024]

    Men's athleisure style


    Looking for a wardrobe that’s as comfortable as it is stylish? Say hello to athleisure – the fashion trend that perfectly blends athletic wear and casual clothing. So, what exactly is men’s athleisure style? It’s the art of taking those comfy joggers and tees you love and elevating them with a touch of sophistication. Think bomber jackets replacing bulky parkas, crisp henleys layered under blazers, and minimalist trainers adding a sleek finishing touch. This guide outlines essential athleisure pieces for men, athleisure brands, and outfit ideas.

    What is men’s athleisure wear?

    Men’s athleisure wear refers to clothing that blends athletic performance fabrics and relaxed, casual styling. Athleisure garments are designed to be worn both for workouts/athletic activities and for everyday casual or lounging situations.

    Men's athleisure style
    Men’s athleisure style

    Key Athleisure Pieces for Men:

    Building a versatile athleisure wardrobe starts with investing in a few key pieces. These stylish yet functional staples will become the backbone of your trendy, sporty looks.

    1. Joggers
    • Slim, tailored fits
    • Technical fabrics like cotton blends or French terry
    • Breathable and stretchy

    2. Performance Tops

    • Moisture-wicking tees and polos
    • Quick-dry materials
    • Fitted cuts

    3. Hoodies

    • Lightweight, breathable fabrics
    • Modern, streamlined designs
    • No oversized, sloppy shapes

    4. Track Jackets/ Hoodies

    • Updated with modern fabrics
    • Slimmer fits
    • Fashion details like contrast trims

    5. Sneakers

    • Versatile low-tops or slip-ons
    • Balance of comfort and style
    • Complement the sporty aesthetic

    Investing in these core athleisure pieces allows you to mix and match for countless trendy, comfortable looks. They’re the building blocks of nailing the sporty chic vibe.

    How to style athleisure for men?

    Here are some tips on how to style an athleisure look for men:

    • Start with joggers or sweatpants as the base. Look for slim, tailored fits in technical fabrics like French terry.
    • Pair them with a performance tee, polo, or sweatshirt in a fitted cut. Moisture-wicking fabrics keep you comfortable.
    • Layer with a lightweight jacket or hoodie. Modern designs with slim silhouettes elevate the sporty vibe.
    • Finish with fresh, versatile sneakers like low-tops or sporty slip-ons that bridge athletic and casual styles.
    • For a dressier athleisure look, swap the tee for a button-down shirt and throw on a blazer over the joggers.
    • Elevate sweats with a Merino wool sweater and blazer for an unexpected high-low mix.
    • Accessorize with a baseball cap, backpack, or sporty sunglasses to amplify the athletic aesthetic.

    The key is finding the right balance between athletic and polished pieces. Anchor the sporty items with smart casual layers and accessories. Most importantly, prioritize comfort, versatility and looking put-together yet laidback.

    What are the benefits of wearing athleisure clothing?

    Athleisure provides comfort, flexibility, and versatility. The stretchy, breathable fabrics allow freedom of movement whether being active or lounging. Athleisure pieces can transition easily from the gym to running errands to relaxing at home.

    Can I wear athleisure to work?

    It depends on your workplace dress code. Many casual offices allow athleisure wear, but you may want to opt for more tailored athleisure pieces in neutral tones if permitted. More formal workplaces likely restrict athletic clothing.

    Brands to Check Out for Athleisure:

    With athleisure’s rising popularity, there’s no shortage of brands offering stylish performance-meets-casual pieces. Here are some top brands to explore:

    Mainstream Athletic Brands

    • Nike
    • Adidas
    • Under Armour
    • Lululemon
    • Reebok These iconic activewear labels have fully embraced the athleisure movement, releasing sleek collections that transition seamlessly from the gym to everyday life.

    Streetwear-Inspired Athleisure

    • Outdoor Voices
    • Rhone
    • Fourlaps
    • Wildhorse
    • Mack Weldon These newer brands merge athletic functionality with streetwear-inspired designs for a cool, modern athleisure look.

    Luxury Athleisure

    • Lululemon Lab
    • Fourlaps
    • Loro Piana
    • John Elliott
    • Veilance For those seeking elevated athleisure, these high-end brands craft technical pieces from premium fabrics and minimalist designs.

    Fast Fashion

    • H&M
    • Uniqlo
    • Zara
    • Topman For budget-friendly athleisure essentials, check out these retailers’ activewear and loungewear sections.

    From major activewear players to emerging fashion-forward brands and luxury labels, there’s an athleisure brand for every style and budget. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces from different brands to create your perfect sporty yet polished look.

    Men’s Athleisure Outfit Ideas: Inspiration Gallery

    explore our curated gallery of men’s athleisure outfits inspiration:


    Athleisure style is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle choice for the modern man who values both comfort and style. It’s the freedom to move through your day feeling confident and put-together, without sacrificing an ounce of coziness. So ditch the sweatpants stigma, embrace the versatility of athleisure, and elevate your look with a touch of sophistication. Remember, fashion is a playground, so have fun experimenting and creating a sporty chic wardrobe that’s uniquely you. Now get out there and conquer the world, looking effortlessly stylish every step of the way!

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