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10 Men’s Wolf Cut Haircuts – The Ultimate Guide [2024]

    wolf cut men


    Men’s wolf cut haircuts has become a viral hair trend for men in recent years, with millions of views on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Originally worn by idols in South Korean pop music, this hairstyle works well with different hair textures and face shapes. If you are looking to upgrade your look, this guide will help you understand everything you need to know about this haircut.

    What is a wolf cut Haircut?


    The wolf cut is a trendy hairstyle inspired by the wild, messy look of a wolf’s fur. It typically involves short choppy layers on the top of the head with longer layers on the sides, giving it a shaggy and textured appearance. It is suitable for medium to thick hair.


    The wolf cut first emerged in the early 2010s in Asian pop culture, particularly in K-pop. The style became a major trend across Asia and was popularized by Korean actors, Japanese anime characters, and Chinese musicians.

    Men's wolf cut hairstyles
    wolf cut men

    Difference between a wolf Cut and a mullet:

    Men's wolf cut hairstyles
    wolf cut men

    The mullet and wolf cut are two different hairstyles. The mullet has shorter hair at the front and sides and longer hair at the back, while the wolf cut has shorter hair on the sides and back and longer, tousled hair on top. The wolf cut hairstyle is a creative take on the mullet, with additional layers and volume for a dynamic look. Both are versatile and easy to maintain.

    What face shape suits the wolf cut?

    wolf cut men
    wolf cut men

    The best face shapes that suit a wolf cut style for men are:

    • Oval Face Shape – An oval face shape nicely balances out the dramatic cropped sides of a wolf cut. The oval’s softer jawline and chin are complemented by the wolf cut’s angular finish.
    • Heart Face Shape – A heart face shape with a wide forehead and cheekbones works well with a wolf cut, as the longer layers on top add width and balance to the narrower chin.
    • Triangular Face Shape – The square jawline and angular features of a triangular face are suited for the bold, chopped look of a wolf cut. The volume on top prevents this shape from looking too severe.
    • Oblong Face Shape – An oblong face that is longer than it is wide gains balance from a wolf cut. The height from the longer layers prevents elongating the face further.

    In general, having thicker hair with some natural volume is key to making it work.

    The cropped sides of the cut contrast nicely with the softer curves of your face, while the layers on top help sharpen and accentuate your angular features. And, if your face shape is oval, heart, triangular, or oblong, you’re in luck, because those shapes tend to look great with this style.

    10 styles of men’s wolf cut hairstyles and variations:

    There are a few popular styling variations of the wolf cut for men:

    1. Textured wolf cut men:

    • Features very short, cropped sides with a fade.
    • Incredibly thick, choppy layers on top add dramatic height.
    • Usually styled tall with a texturizing product like sea salt spray for an untamed look.
    wolf cut men

    2. Curly wolf cut men:

    • Same short sides, longer layers on top formula.
    • Embraces natural curl texture on top rather than fighting it.
    • Can have tighter uniform curls or loose waves.
    wolf cut men

    3. Straight hair wolf cut men:

    • Textured crop styles into a tall, vertical look with strands falling freely.
    • Faded sides counterbalance any flattening over time.
    wolf cut men

    4. Asian wolf cut men:

    • Staying true to its Korean roots.
    • May be styled with a middle part and bangs.
    • Lighter hair coloring and perms embrace the K-pop style.
    wolf cut men

    5. Short wolf cut men:

    • Clippered sides and back with a high, tight faded undercut.
    • Shear-cut, jagged layers on top and loads of piecey, vertical texture.
    wolf cut men

    6. Long wolf cut men:

    • Locks on top ranging from 6 to 12 inches long, layered in blunt, ragged edges.
    • Face-framing fringe sectioned to graze the temples and cheeks for an added dose of drama.
    wolf cut men

    7. Korean wolf cut men:

    • Bleached, colored or permed hair reflecting Korean style trends of vivid, lush locks.
    • Middle parts and flowy bangs covering the forehead channel Korean idol aesthetics.
    • Playful, youthful attitude and innocent aesthetic compared to an edgier Western style.
    wolf cut men

    8. Wavy wolf cut men:

    • Natural waves boost already disheveled texture, creating that “freshly rolled out of bed” vibe with ease.
    • Diffused fringe softens overall edges for an approachable take on the daring style.
    wolf cut men

    9. Layered wolf cut men:

    • Choppy, razor-cut layers build flexible movement and flow.
    • Gradual length transitions prevent harsh disconnects between sections.
    wolf cut men

    10. Middle part wolf cut men:

    • The symmetrical split showcases the expanded height on top, keeping the daring style neat.
    • Parts naturally at the crown for hassle-free styling day-to-day.
    wolf cut men

    How to get a men’s wolf cut:

    Here are the key steps to getting the wolf cut hairstyle for men:

    • Determine Length: Decide if you want a shorter or longer wolf cut, as this determines how much length stays on top. Most range from 2-8 inches on top.
    • Pick a Fade: Choose a fade type like high, mid or low tapered fade. Many rock a high skin fade for huge contrast against the longer sections.
    • Cut the Sides: Your barber will use clippers to cut the back/sides close to the head, following the fade line choice.
    • Layer the Top: Using scissors and razor, the stylist will slice into the top hair, creating short choppy layers for grungy texture.
    • Detail the Fringe: Cut and detail the front/fringe area last, determining how it will frame your face.
    • Style It: Use products like wax or spray to style the longer layers for height, messiness or flow.
    • Maintain It: Schedule regular cuts, like every 2-4 weeks, to prevent the sides from getting too long compared to the longer parts up top.

    It’s important to visit a skilled barber or hairstylist who can properly cut and shape your hair to achieve the desired wolf cut look.

    Here is a complete tutorial about how to cut a wolf cut haircut. credits: from TheSalonGuy on Youtube.

    Wolf cut inspiration:

    celebrities with wolf cut hairstyles:

    jacob elordi

    Wolf cut gallery:

    The following pictures are an inpiration gallery for the wolf cut hairstyle:


    The wolf cut is a versatile and stylish choice for men due to its chameleon-like ability to adapt to different hair textures, lengths, and face shapes. Whether you prefer edgy textured layers, soft beachy waves, or a sleek Korean-inspired look, the wolf cut offers endless possibilities for self-expression. So, embrace your inner wolf and unleash your unique style with this trendsetting haircut. In conclusion, the wolf cut is a versatile and stylish haircut that can help you achieve the look you desire.

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    How do I know if a wolf cut will suit me?

    Consider your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle. Wolf cuts work well for various face shapes and hair types, but they require some styling. If you enjoy messy, textured looks and don’t mind some maintenance, a wolf cut could be a good fit. Consult a hairstylist for personalized advice.

    Does wolf cut suit oblong face men?

    A wolf cut can suit men with oblong faces. The layered, textured style adds volume at the sides, which can help balance an oblong face shape. However, it’s important to consult with a stylist to customize the cut to your specific features.

    How do I ask for a wolf cut?

    Ask your stylist for a shaggy, layered cut with lots of texture. Mention you want volume at the crown and choppy layers throughout. Bring reference photos to show the specific style you’re after. Discuss how much maintenance you’re willing to do and any modifications to suit your face shape and hair type.

    Why is wolf cut attractive?

    Wolf cuts are attractive due to their added volume, face-framing layers, and effortless “cool” vibe. The style’s versatility and ability to suit various hair types and face shapes also contribute to its appeal.

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